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Hi Guys

Given that I spend more time on Facebook than blogs, I’m trialling a system whereby I post to Facebook only (I know you can post to Facebook from WordPress but I like the layout when posting directly to FB). I see Facebook as a blog and twitter rolled into one.

I’ve recently added images from out two workshops in Tasmania, so to see what I’ve been up to lately, go onto Facebook and ‘Like’ my two pages:

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How to win GOLD at APPA!

•April 10, 2011 • 5 Comments

HA! That got your attention!!!

Seriously though, I’ve just spent 8 hours printing my entries for this year’s VPPYs in two weeks time, and it got me thinking about what it takes to get a gold.  Let me give you a little about my background first.

I’ve been entering APPA since 2003 (I wasn’t even a member!) and I’ve won several awards. I’ve never won a GOLD however I came damn close last year (89 and at review 2 judges wanted it GOLD, three said no!). I’ve won two gold at state level and for the last three years I’ve judged APPA as well as 4 other state awards. I’ve been critiquing images ever since I was into photography (aged 13) and I feel I know what makes a good image.

Here are my notes from judging the NSW state awards several weeks back (these are applicable to Landscape images which I’m obviously most interested in):

1. CLARITY – there’s nothing better than seeing a shot with absolute detail. Capturing your image at the sharpest aperture (and focus staking if need be) as well as sharpening your image before printing is essential. I love the medium format guys like Rob Blakers cause I literally feel I’m there when I look at their images because of the clarity in the shot.

2. SIMPLICITY – The simple shots are often the best! Many photographers see a lot, then try to include it all in their images. It results in an image that is far too confusing. I believe the more you put in the shot, the more chance there is on stuffing up the image! Antonio Ranieri who won NSW Landscape Photographer 2011 had a stunning image of a pier in the sea, headland in the background, shot with a slow shutter speed to blur the water and then treated in black and white. Simple and yet very effective!

3. TONALITY – using a full range of tonality, with strong shadows and bright whites creates impact.

4. PRINTING – take your time to print your images at home on a decent printer and print, print, print until you’re 1000% happy with the image. Look for every flaw in the image and go back and correct it, then print it again. The print at the bottom of this post I”ve printed at least 15 times this weekend alone! Each time I look at it, I see something else I’d like to correct. I’m always thinking about what the judges might find wrong with my print, then correcting it.

5. SOFT LIGHT – The quality of light (or lack therefore) is vital to the impact of an image. I would put subject matter, composition and light (i know they all sound bleedingly obvious) as the most crucial factors in creating a kick-arse landscape image. But it’s amazing how many images I see that lack these three key ingredients! I judged the NSW state awards as I’ve said just recently, then watched the QLD landscape division on my iphone yesterday, and I have to say (and I need to be careful here as I haven’t won a state or national AIPP landscape title), that overall the quality of landscape imagery out there is poor. We as judges want to reward good imagery, but what I’m seeing lately is poorly composed shots, very poor subject selection, poor photoshop techniques trying to make up for poor quality of light, etc etc.

Look at the points I’ve made above. Next time you go out shooting, look to incorporate all of these into your photography and see what results you get!



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Get your entries in now people – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Wilson’s Prom campground flooded!!

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After our workshop on the weekend down at the Prom, the area in which we stayed reportedly receieved over 300mm last night, flooding the lodge and campground where we stayed!!!


Ata Whenua DVD – you’ve got to see this!!!

•March 23, 2011 • 2 Comments

Lots of posts coming in the next few days after my workshop down at Wilson’s Prom with Christian Fletcher (sorry it’s been a bit quiet), but in the meantime while I was editing my images I was watching this DVD again – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldAYgs4UF6w

It’s all shot from helicopters and set to stunning music. I saw it a few years ago in NZL and love the cinematography – look for the waterfall drop off about 1;50 in…

PS. You can purchase it here – http://fiordlandcinema.marketeer.biz/product.pasp?categoryid=1&productid=1

Wilson’s Promontory Workshop with Christian Fletcher

•February 21, 2011 • 6 Comments

Mount Oberon, Wilson’s Promontory

I have just a few places left for our fantastic Wilson’s Promontory workshop on Friday 18th to Monday 21st March with guest leader Christian Fletcher.

Many of you may know Christian – he’s one of Australia’s most prolific landscape photographers at the moment, shooting all over Australia for upcoming books and supplying his three incredibly successful galleries. He’s got a heap of knowledge to share and is a very nice guy indeed (so with all of that combined it really makes us hate him lots!!!). See his website at http://www.christianfletcher.com.au/

So don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Christian in this part of the world. He doesn’t get over the east coast very often (something about the weather not being warm enough!) so book in NOW through our website at http://www.tomputtphotographicworkshops.com/products/Masterclass-Workshop-%252d-Wilson%27s-Promontory-Victoria.html

You’ll be spending four fabulous days with both of us – shooting all the stunning beaches that are within 5 mins drive of our accommodation (we’ll be staying right in the heart of the National Park at Tidal River), learning all our post-production techniques, printing at home, shooting with DSLRs and Phase One, and answering all the questions you’ll need answered.

See you there!

Christian Fletcher


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How would you like to spend 5 days indulging in your passion of photography in some of the most photogenic landscape wildernesses across Australia?

Come with us as we show you how to capture professional images for you to hang on your walls, give as gifts to friends or brag to all your office friends about your trip away!

We still have a few places left for the workshops below, so get in fast by going to the website and booking in – www.tomputtphotographicworkshops.com


MARCH – Great Ocean Road – FULLY BOOKED!

MARCH – Wilson’s Promontory with guest leader Christian Fletcher (3 places left)

APRIL – Cradle Mountain with guest leader Ian Wallace (2 places left)

APRIL – Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay with Ian Wallace (2 places left)


SEPTEMBER – Kangaroo Island with guest leader David Evans (3 places left)

See you out there!