Ata Whenua DVD – you’ve got to see this!!!

Lots of posts coming in the next few days after my workshop down at Wilson’s Prom with Christian Fletcher (sorry it’s been a bit quiet), but in the meantime while I was editing my images I was watching this DVD again –

It’s all shot from helicopters and set to stunning music. I saw it a few years ago in NZL and love the cinematography – look for the waterfall drop off about 1;50 in…

PS. You can purchase it here –


~ by Tom Putt on March 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ata Whenua DVD – you’ve got to see this!!!”

  1. I saw that when I was in Te Anau in mat 2010 and we bought the DVD last year – we watch it at least once a week. Isn’t it fabulous. The rock climbing sequence makes me shiver every time I see it!

  2. I love this dvd, watched it uncountable times since buying it in NZ last year. The guys at Heliworks showed it to us before our 2.5 hour sunset flight over the Southern Alps and I wasn’t coming home without my own copy.

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